Enjoy Aglianico

Celebrating and promoting North American Aglianico wines

About Aglianico

Southern Italy is Aglianico’s modern home. The grape is fabled to have come to Italy from Greece in the seventh century B.C., but some challenge that belief. Over the centuries, it has ascended to Italy’s trinity of noble wine grapes, which also includes Sangiovese and Nebbiolo.

The wines are typified by fruit ranging between plum and blackberry, high acidity and tannins that need time to tame.

In the western New World, this variety is planted in California (Paso Robles, Suisun Valley, Lake and Amador counties, as well as Temecula Valley), Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California and in the Texas High Plains.

100% varietal North American Aglianico, with a few exceptions, is not very aromatically expressive in its youth. This may be related to climate: the cooler the climate, the tighter the wine. It can be very tannic—which, with the right structure, can make it very age worthy. The tannins tend to be stronger, bolder, more astringent and grippy when the fruit comes from cooler climates, whereas hotter climates tend to temper their aggressiveness, making the wines more immediately accessible but at the cost of definition of fruit. Typical aromas and flavors can include: red to darker red fruit like jammy berry, raspberry, cherry, plum, and sometimes pepper.

This wine is often described as “bold”, “full-bodied” and “powerful”.


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